Xpose! X-Men Anime Wallpapers & Background Art!

Yes, the Marvel TV Presents Anime on G4 Panel at the NYCC 2011 was rather disappointing with all the old news that it offered. The only new info that did come up was that Harold Perrineau (Lost, Oz) will be the voice for Blade in the Blade Anime show.

BUT, Marvel decided to make up for that with some good ol' visual goodness! Check out the official Marvel wallpapers & background art ALL from the X-Men Anime show!

Below are the 8 wallpapers released by Marvel in a 1280 x 960 resolution. You can download the other resolutions from Marvel but you need to be a registered member on the site to be able to do that...

And now check out the awesome background art from the show!
If you want MORE, then you can also download the concept art from the show as well as Wolverine & X-Men Anime wallpapers (that I created myself) from here!