Xcite! SDCC 2011 Cosplay Cornucopia!

I'm almost coming to the end of my SDCC 2011 updates- this will be my second last SDCC-related post! But you guys are gonna love it!
^The winner of the Marvel cosplay SDCC 2011 was the above group of six cosplayers that include Gambit, Rogue, Shadowcat (& her pet alien dragon Lockheed) & Emma Frost (with Ms. Marvel & Nick Fury) !

It's the entire (highlights of the) SDCC 2011 X-cosplay! :D I'm posting 'em character-wise & putting my vote against the best one for each group. Do sound off in the comments with your faves!

^#3 is the best out here imo! But props to all the others for their use of typical Deadpool humor! LOL

^#1- Classic Wolverine, #2 & 7- X-Men Origins Wolverine & X-Men movies respectively, #3- A strange but cool mix of Wolverine & Star Wars' Boba Fett!, #4 & 6 are X-Force Wolverine & #5- Weapon X Wolverine...My vote goes to #6! It would've been #7 if not for that horrible hair! LOL

Wolverine's offspring, well, his son & clone :P Daken & X-23
^Amongst the X-23 cosplayers it's gotta be #2! And X-23 #2 & Wolverine #4 are seen in that last pic!

The pains in Logan's side- Lady Deathstrike, Mystique & Cyclops

^Lady Deathstrike cosplayer FTW!!! Mystique one sucks so badly! But I had to include her in cos I heart Mystique! :P And Cyke? Well, I didn't find any better...

Phoenix/ Dark Phoenix/ Jean Grey/ Marvel Girl
^#4 wins! And I had to include another pic of her cos she looks so awesome in it!

Father & daughter- Magneto & Scarlet Witch
^For Magneto it's gotta be #2! For Scarlet Witch it's REAL a tough call on #1 & 3. Draw! :P

The main character all you guys were waiting for...Emma Frost
^I was actually with #3 winning this, but then I found #5 & it became hard to decide. Draw here too, but #5 gets props for the makeup & overall body glitter (to simulate diamonds). Frost cosplayers oughta stick with the skirt apparently! :P Btw Frost is flanking Mimic in #7.

Domino, Firestar, Gambit
^All these costumes are great! It's really rare to see a Firestar & this one is pretty cool. One of the best Gambits I've seen too...

^#5 wins hands down! But props to #2 & 4 for going with Rogue's Australian Outback outfit & X-Men Evolution (TV show) costume respectively! Something different from the yellow & green!

^#3 wins! Props to #2 for going with Betsy's Uncanny costume!

Wanna see more? Check 'em ALL (non-X & non-Marvel included) out at Marvel & ComicVine! Next: Watch out for the SDCC 2011 Wrap-up post on my blog!